1.42 Colombian Untreated Emerald

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Here is the relevant data on the 1.42 Untreated Emerald:

Size: 1.420
Identification: Natural Emerald
Type: Colombia
Cert: AGL - February 23, 2011
Shape: Square Emerald
MM: 6.58 x 6.36 x 5.21
Color/Tone: 2.5/80
Color Scan: Green 75 Blue 15 Yellow 10
Clarity: LI2-MI1
Cutting: Very Good (3-4)
Brilliancy: 100%
Finish: Very Good (3-4)
TQIR: Excellent 1.5
Enhancement: None
Price: US$10,000. per carat or $14.200. including shipping/handling in the United States and the original AGL Prestige Gem Report.
NGC Comment: A killer gem green emerald with bluish secondary color. The stone is really saturated and nice tone. The cutting and finish are very good. The stone has high 100% brilliancy. Any untreated emerald with LI2-MI1 clarity is rare. How rare are untreated emeralds? Approximately 99% of all emeralds are treated. This no treatment probably makes this stone as rare as a pink or blue colored diamond. A serious gem for a high end portfolio.

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