1.55 Round Unheated Fancy Violetish Blue Burma Sapphire


The 1.55 round unheated fancy violetish blue Burma sapphire was shot in natural daylight with a Sony Digital Mavica-FD90.

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Here is the relevant data on the 1.55 round unheated fancy violetish blue Burma sapphire:

Size: 1.557
Identification: Natural Fancy Violetish Blue Burma Sapphire
Cert: AGL - August 23, 2002
Shape: Round
Depth: 4.51 mm.
Color: Violetish Blue
Tone: Light (20-35) Average: 27.5
Clarity: MI
Cutting: Very Good
Finish: Good
The Pastel Collection
Heat Enhancement:
Clarity Enhancement: None
Price:  US$500.00 per carat or US$775.00, plus the original $150 AGL Colored Stone Grading Report totals $925.00. USPS shipping and handling in the United States included.
NGC Comment: The 1.55 unheated Burma blue sapphire is a punchy pastel color. The gemstone has rutile and fingerprint inclusions-primary indications of Burma and no heat.  The stone has extremely high brilliancy. Very Good cutting and and Good finish. An excellent gem for an unheated Burma fancy sapphire collection or can also be mounted in jewelry.

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