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11.79 Unheated Burma Yellow Sapphire Parcel

4.00 Unheated Burma Yellow Sapphire Parcel
CARAT WEIGHT: From 1.03 to 1.73
TYPE & ORIGIN:Natural Burma Yellow Sapphires
SHAPE & CUT:Cushions and an Oval
COLOR:Vivid Yellow-Light Yellow
CLARITY:Lightly Included-Moderately Included
PRICE:US $300 per carat or US $3,537 including UPS shipping and handling in the United States included. Feel free to make an offer if you only want one gem.
These canary-yellow-diamond bright no heat yellows sapphires are Burmese rocks. Some look like yellow diamonds costing thousands of dollars per carat. They are clean, bright and electric. This is a ready made no heat Burma yellow collection for a connoisseur. Also, these gems may work for someone who wants an unheated Burma yellow for jewelry or astrological reasons.
Note: Due to the cost of AGL colored stones grading reports, we have not submitted these stones for grading. All information is NGC's opinion only but we guarantee the gemstone is not heated and from Burma.

For more information on this gem, call Robert Genis of National Gemstone at 1-800-458-6453 or email rgenis@preciousgemstones.com. Feel free to call or e-mail for specific quotes.

Learn about Yellow Sapphire:
The 11.79 Unheated Burma Yellow Sapphire Parcel was shot in natural daylight with a Sony Digital Cyber-Shot.

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