Alexandrite - Brazilian

A super rare Brazilian alexandrite back from a collector. These stones have not been mined for years in a manner similar to Brazilian Paraiba. The red side is similar to a Rhodolite Garnet or a pleasing raspberry pink. The blue side is similar to a bluish teal sapphire. The AGL grades the color change as Strong to Prominent or 80-90% with an Estimated Quality of Color Change: Excellent This is a really high change and represents a large portion of the value of the stone. The color/tone of the stone is graded as 3.5/80. The gemstone has visible inclusions at MI2 clarity. The stone has 70-80% brilliancy and good cutting and very good to good finish. Of course, this Alex is not treated or enhanced. The TQIR is Excellent to Very Good (2.5). A perfect gemstone to collect or a different stone to mount in jewelry since the production of this material has practically ceased. Click here for more information.