2.13 Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond

This is a collectors stone back for liquidation and is believed to be a Zimmi yellow. They are usually sourced from Sierra Leona or Liberia and are believed to be the top electric yellows. Fancy Vivid is the top colored diamond grade you can receive from the GIA Gem Trade Laboratory. Only one in 100,000 diamonds receive this grade. You don't have to use your imagination to see the vibrant sun yellow of this gem. Besides the vivid color, the stone is free of inclusions and the color distribution is even. The polish and symmetry are both very good. The stone has faint fluorescence. The ultimate collectible for a colored diamond connoisseur with a special bonus that the stone is already mounted. The ring is 18K white gold with two side diamonds. One is a .33 step cut F-VS1 and the other is .33 G-VVS2. It sat in a vault for over 10 years.

For more information on this gem, call Robert Genis of National Gemstone at 1-800-458-6453 or email rgenis@preciousgemstones.com. Feel free to call or e-mail for specific quotes.


Carat Weight:


Type & Origin:

Natural Fancy Vivid Yellow



Shape & Cut:



7.06 x 6.66 x4.75




Very Good


Very Good


The gem is US$45,000 per carat or $95,850 including shipping/handling in the United States and the original GIA Report.
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