0.17 Natural Fancy Gray-Blue Diamond

This .17 natural round diamond is graded Fancy Gray-Blue grade at the GIA Gem Trade Laboratory. The predominant color is always the last color, or blue in this case. The dash between the Gray-Blue means the two colors are approximately equal. The stone's clarity is Very Slightly Included (VS). The ultimate collectible for a small colored diamond connoisseur.

For more information on this gem, call Robert Genis of National Gemstone at 1-800-458-6453 or email rgenis@preciousgemstones.com. Feel free to call or e-mail for specific quotes.


Carat Weight:


Type & Origin:

Natural Diamond



Shape & Cut:

Round Brilliant

Color Origin:



Fancy Gray-Blue

Color Distribution:



The gem is US$50,000 per carat or $8500 including shipping/handling in the United States and the original GIA Report.
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