Extraterrestial Diamonds Discovered in Africa

Diamonds found in meteorites.

  Oct 8, 2020   rgenis

"Before the diamonds formed, two small planets or protoplanets collided with huge asteroids, the researchers note. New information obtained by experts refutes early hypotheses about the formation of a mineral inside planets that are similar in size to Earth. Around the Blue Planet there is an asteroid belt in which approximately 10 million meteorites rotate. They are able to enter the Earth's atmosphere and not completely burn out. This allows experts to study them.

The results of this analysis allow you to find out more details about the planets. There is a special type of meteorites called ureilites – these are fragments of celestial bodies. They are unique because they contain a lot of carbon. The diamonds found in them are more than 0.1 mm in size and scientists believe that they did not occur during the impact of meteorites on the Blue Planet. If this really happened, then the meteorites would disappear. Experts studied ureilites that were identified in Morocco and Sudan."

SOURCE: The Times Hub, India

Image via: pixabay.com