The Grill Fad Morphs to Diamond Teeth

Celebrity Diamond Teeth by Beverly Hills Dentist On TikTok and Instragram

  Jan 26, 2021   rgenis

December 5, 2020 
By Sophie Lee

"The bedazzling trend from the ‘90s and early 2000s made everything shine–and the obsession with sparkle never really left. Tooth gems–in the form of diamonds, crystals, or rhinestones being bonded to a tooth–have been a glittering detail on the smiles of many celebrities throughout the years, and now, teeth jewelry is cropping up on TikTok and Instagram. A more minimalist alternative for teeth grills, the semi-permanent accessory is both edgy and delicate.
Known as the Diamond Dentist, Dr. Anjali Rajpal is one of the leading professionals making killer diamond-embellished smiles. The Beverly Hills-based dentist decorates teeth with petite diamonds and Swarovski crystals to highlight a dazzling grin. Responsible for Hailey Baldwin’s dainty crystal smile, Katy Perry’s gold Nike logo tooth, and Pink’s diamond dental jewelry, Dr. Rajpal has been up close and personal with a number of stars’ pearly whites."

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Hailey Bieber shows off two teeth gems.

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