Looking For A Large Burma ruby?

Sotheby's Magnificent Jewels has two with bidding starting on April 20, 2021 in Hong Kong.

  Apr 12, 2021   rgenis



Image: Sotheby's

The first ruby is a cushion 9.10.  It's vivid red.  Appears to have a visible window and is probably Moderately Included.   This is a large red Burma ruby.  The estimate in US Dollars is $2 million-$3 million.

UPDATE: The stone sold for slightly over $2.4 million or over $265,000 per carat.

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6caratburma ruby.jpg

Image: Sotheby's

The second is a Cushion 6.38.  The stone looks vivid red and cleaner/better cut than the 9.10.  Perhaps that is why the low reserve is higher per carat price than the 9.10, despite being smaller.  The estimate in US Dollars is $1.6 million-$2.1 million.

UPDATE: Strangely, this stone did not sell at Sotheby's.

As collectors know, it's difficult to judge these stones accurately with the low resolution images of the auction houses.  Many of these high end rubies have full AGL Prestige Gem Reports. Regretfully, these stones do not.

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