Will Pink Dimonds be the new Faberge egg?

Argyle Diamond Mine closing because it's too deep to dig and extract diamonds. They have been the main source of pink diamonds and prices should soar.

  Nov 6, 2020   rgenis

"  Jewellery historian Vivienne Becker told news.com.au that Argyle pink diamonds would 'emerge as the new Faberge egg, the thing jewellery myths are made of' in the next decade.   

Rio Tinto managing director for operations, copper and diamonds, Sinead Kaufman told the ABC that over the past 20 years, Argyle pinks had risen in value five-fold.

'Demand for Argyle pink diamonds has continued unabated,' she said.

'Rarity, uniqueness and a finite supply has driven the strong value appreciation we have seen, and continue to see."

Daily Mail

By Alison Bevege For Daily Mail Australia