Apr 19, 2024   rgenis

This auction sale comes to almost $31,000 per carat.  Even with the bad Chinese economy, collectors are still searching rare Burma gems.  Although the West calls these stones pink sapphires, Asians collectors often call the stones Burma rubies.  This has always put upward price pressure on these beautiful pink stones.  This is a classic example of pink sapphire following red Burma rubies upward in price.

Regretfully, the stone was only had a GIA and GRS grading reports. They both called the stone Burmese pink sapphire and no heat. Sotheby's says the stone is medium purplish pink with medium strong saturation.  In the Sotheby's copy, it states the stone has a few "pits." I think they mean inclusions.  It is obvious the stone is Moderately Included.  Again, this is why we prefer AGL full Prestige Grading Reports with clarity grades


Courtesy: Sotheby's