Catherine Deneuve-Gem Collector

Iconic 60's actress/model also collects gemstones.

  Oct 20, 2020   rgenis


Photo credit: Keystone - Getty Images

Catherine Deneuve's Impact on the Allure of French Style

By Rachel Burrow

Yahoo Life

"And if Deneuve is a connoisseur of style through a fashion lens, jewelry naturally fits in her legacy as well. Deneuve—who harbors a love of more delicate stones and designs, rather than large, more bold pieces—has been a collector of jewels throughout her career and life, and not just for their beauty or importance to finishing off an ensemble. Thanks to having family members in the gem industry, Deneuve can diagram a diamond and knows the ancient way to carry loose gems: folded in paper. She has been known to speak knowledgeably of (and don) Boucheron, Chaumet, and Harry Winston, and she has collected personal pieces from French maison Cartier that she adored wearing over the years, including an nearly 27-carat Colombian emerald necklace and her Baignore timepiece that she was consistently photographed wearing. "