Rio sells last of the Argyle diamonds

The 2021 Argyle diamond tender was comprised of 70 diamonds weighing 81.63 carats

  Aug 14, 2021   rgenis


Photo Credit: Cremer Media Weekly Mining

What does this mean for pink diamonds?  Obviously, when the supply of any gemstone is over, the laws of supply and demand should tell us  these pinks will escalate in price.  Just think about Brazilian Paraiba tourmaline and Kashmir Sapphires.  As the Reddit traders would say, "To the moon."🚀🚀🚀
We presently have a .22 Pear shape Vivid Purplish Pink.

You can check it out here: Check it out here


"PERTH ( – Diversified miner Rio Tinto is showcasing its final Argyle pink diamonds tender collection of rare pink, red, blue and violet diamonds in Antwerp, Belgium.
Mining ceased at Argyle in early November last year, and the 2021 Argyle pink diamonds tender is the final collection of diamonds from the final year of Argyle operations."

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