David Marcum's book-Dow-Jones Irwin Guide to Fine Gems and Jewelry

Still best Gem Investor/Collector book ever!

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  Aug 12, 2021   rgenis

The best gem book ever written is now 35 years old.  Written in 1986 by David Marcum, this book has passed the test of time.  Although updating would surely improve the book, it's almost a time capsule of the gem investment market in 1986.  The price charts end in 1985, but pricing cycles remain fascinating to study.  The information on understanding GIA and AGL grading reports is still spot on. What's surprising is how the basic fundamental gemstone investing information remains perfectly valid.
I considered David Marcum a good friend.  He was a gem dealer and newsletter writer from Geneva, Illinois.  We would often meet at Gem Shows.  I always considered him bright and an excellent writer.  Eventually, he moved to Florida and specialized in color diamonds.  His last business venture was real estate.  Sadly, he passed a few years ago.
If you simply want to buy a Burma ruby, this book isn't not to you.  However, if you are obsessed not only with owning top gemstones but the history of the gemstone business, this book is a must have for your collection.  To the collectors who buy this book, enjoy.

You can buy this book from $51 new or $8 used.  Well worth it.
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