13.02 Burma Ruby AGL Graded sells for over $2.5 million

On June 9, 2021, No Heat Burma Ruby by Carvin French fetched over $190,000 per carat.

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  Jun 16, 2021   rgenis

13.02 AGL Cert.jpg

Let's briefly analyze the AGL document.  The stone is a natural "Classic" Burma with no heat and no clarity enhancement.  The color/tone is ECA1 4/70.  The color scan is Red 60% Pink/Purple 25% and Orange 15.  What this means is your eyes will see red and pink.  You will not see the orange. Please note the Pink/Purple 25% means is the Pink is at least 20% and the Purple less than 5%. This stone is not pigeion blood (70% Red at AGL), but obviously a beautiful red gem.  Perfect 70 tone means the 13.02 looks great in all lights and at night.  The stone is MI1-MI2, so you will see inclusions with your eyes.  This is not considered as negative as inclusions in diamonds because these inclusions prove Burma and no heat. The cutting is typical 'native' Burma cutting at good (5).  The depth is a little shallow at 62.3%, so the brilliancy is a little low but the stone does look larger than 13 carats.  Kudos to Carvin French for closing the window with his excellent mounting work.  The finish is really high at (3-4).  The TQIR is a rare Exceptional to Excellent, probably due to the large size.

To check out the stone and grading reports click image below:


Source: Sotheby's